Meth, Yep I Did That

Let’s talk about meth. I liked it. A lot.

I was introduced to it by a friend who had smoked crack with me previously. He knew I wasn’t into that anymore and asked if I wanted to try meth. OF COURSE I did! I have this manic, try anything once, personality~

Despite what people say? I didn’t find it nearly as addictive as crack. And, if you’re going to get addicted to a really bad hard drug? Meth is at least cheaper. How horrible a statement is that? But my crack addiction got up to hundreds a day and smoking meth really only ever cost me about $20/day . Well, when I was being conservative.  I was in a position to enjoy my ‘habit’.

But, like any hard drug? It runs you down quick. I found myself doing compromising things just to find meth. Like taking taxi’s into to dangerous places in the middle of the night. Or putting other people’s  situation’s in jeopardy for my own needs/wants. I’m not that kind of person, generally, but drugs turn you into someone you don’t want to be.

I knew I was on a dangerous path and wasn’t sure how to get off it.

Mojo was moving to the forest. He was my friend and I thought maybe I could go along. So he took me. He had no idea when we left that I was addicted to meth. That I CHOSE to follow him to the forest so I could find recovery. That my last hit off a meth pipe? Was the morning we left, in his cousin’s shower. He knows it all now. He was amazed I didn’t show any signs of withdrawal. Proud of me for how I handled my shit while I was going through that.

Like any other hard drug? I have no desire for it again. It’s been years. I learned the lessons I guess I was supposed to for making that stupid life choice. I hurt people. Used people. I have regrets. Any time you take on hard drugs you hurt people. Recovery means facing that.

I’m glad that is all in the past!


4 thoughts on “Meth, Yep I Did That

  1. Hey. You’re not the only one with a drug history. I’ve done XTC, cocaine, and even tried crack earlier this year….. It totally sucked and I won’t do it again. but for some reason I HAD to try it. Just to say it’s been done and now I don’t have to go back. Some things you just have to try before you can knowledgably say no. It’s kind of okay to try things. That’s what’s life about isn’t it? Trying things, finding out what you like, and learning your lesson if it was something bad. I’ve been craving hash for over a year now. I haven’t been able to find any. Oil is kinda messy and not my thing. But HASH is something I need right now. hahahaha
    That and our good buddy, KUSH. KUSH is a great little friend. He’s the best. lol
    I know you feel bad about what you had to do to cure your cravings and addictions….. but in the end if was just a learning process. I’m a little here and there when it comes to drugs. If I know someone who is doing drugs, I don’t judge, or even try to change them. Unless they’re selling themselves on the street for a hit, or like, over dosing. If you can use drugs responsibly (which I do believe is possible) I think it’s up to yourself, and only yourself to do so.
    That’s just my opinion. Maybe it will help you feel less alone and give yourself some closure about your past.
    Leave the guilt and shame behind you. You’re a different person now! 🙂

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