Things About Shaunda

I tell so many smidges of info about me. Kind of a mish mash that makes it difficult for people who are really reading this crazy, lazy blog of mine to really understand me.

I like to be understood. So I’m giving some facts. Just some things about me I think provide a bit of insight on me. I encourage questions in the comment area. I will answer them all.

  1. I’m a proud Scorpio. Born November 3, 1974. I like my age and can’t wait to be a crone! My entire life I have longed to be older.
  2. I had the feeling I was a lesbian for many years. I had a  good friend come and introduce me to men. He is someone I cherish. I still consider myself a proud member of the LGBT community and open to relationships with anyone, but I primarily date men now.
  3. I’ve been accused in the national media of taking a trapper hostage in his cabin at gunpoint. LMAO! That was just media BS. I’m no domestic terrorist. I went to court and walked away with a fine for camping too long. And an attitude that no one should believe CBC or Sun News Media.
  4. I’ve enjoyed trying hard drugs. I’ve told my crack story in a previous post but that wasn’t the only hard one.  I loved meth for a bit and I should maybe talk about that. I have loved and given up many drugs. I currently drink wine and smoke weed. I have been free from hard drugs since I left Manitoba several years ago. I have NO desire to go back to that sort of lifestyle. It’s been offered and denied!
  5. I used to have a webcam show. Sexy style. And I’ve been thinking of going back to that to add to my income. It was fun. I’m only 5 years older and just slightly fatter but…. I could still do it. There’s a market for everything!
  6. My ex? He’s the only person in the world who knows ALL my truth. ALL of it. And he just went to jail to get our past out of our lives. I’m feeling so much love for that.  Who knows how long it will take him to deal with that, and anything else he chooses to deal with before returning. But really? He’s let me know he’s doing this, going through whatever needs to be done, so he can come back and create a regular life for us. He LOVES me. He’s my best friend. This is making me rethink things like couples counseling and possible reconciliation.
  7. Many people close to me describe as childlike. Not childish. It’s a big difference. I have this thing where I sing everything I am doing as I do it. I try to curb that but I did it in front of Jeff today. He looked at me strange like, “Did you really just sing about putting your food in the fridge?” Yep, I sure did! My mom tells me I’ve done that since childhood. Sing-songing my way through everything.  I’m told my heart is made of marshmellows and that my genuine naivety about so many things give me a spirit of a five year old. My inner lil’ girl is still so alive! I’m learning to embrace her 🙂
  8. I know I’ve mentioned it before but? I used to be 400 lbs. Really! Half a couch wide. Now I float between 160 and 180 and I am pretty proud I’ve kept the weight off for over ten years!
  9. And lastly? I used to date a Nazi. People like to judge me for that or call me a racist. My ex that is in jail? Not white! I have friends in every circle and ethnicity of life! When I was in courtship with Canada’s Top National Socialist? He took extra steps to respect my life. He attended Gay Pride with me and had his picture taken dancing shirtless with the other men. Sure his swastika tattoo was showing but no one seemed to mind. He met my Christian parents, my Jewish and black friends and many others. He was always very open about his beliefs but so respectful and open to dialogue with anyone willing to have an interesting debate. I still don’t agree with his politics. But as far as Nazi’s go? He was pretty decent!

I think that is most of my secrets. I’m not sure why I feel like giving up all my secrets tonight. I just think I am done with hiding anything about myself. And I may regret sharing a lot of this after I hit ‘publish’.  But I still feel like I am getting a lot of things off my chest and mind by typing this all up.



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