While I was waiting for an important phone call, I walked up to a friends the other day. He has a cell phone booster and I needed to get the call.

I was worried about it. The call.  It was health/insurance related. So I sat there and visited on his porch. I drank wine while there.

But it ALL happened on the porch. No one’s clothes came off. All that went on was two friends visiting over some wine/beer. And frankly, I should not feel a need to defend anything I do. But I do.


On the way home, his neighbour (one of the people who bully me), called out to me from her yard.

SKANK! She called it loud enough for others to hear. I don’t like to think the worst. I said, “Pardon me?”, in case she wasn’t talking to me. But she responded. “You heard what I said.” Definitely directed at me.

I just went home. I know the  owner told me f I was bullied to call him. I couldn’t find his number and I am also not so petty that one word makes me call in recruits!


It’s particularly funny because she is an ex-dancer.  By dancer, I mean stripper. She tries to be all noble about it. And I have never disrespected her because of her previous life. I have zero issues with people who use their sexuality to make money.

Yet? She has the gall to yell out at me from her yard that I am  a skank?


I’m just letting it go today. The owner is in the park. I could go to his trailer and cry my blues. But I think I’m better off just rejecting the word.

I am better than the people who call me those words. I am NOT those words. I am a woman who is living life. I am sexual. I am damaged. I am sick. I am trying to recover. I am healing.

What I’m not? Skank!



6 thoughts on “Skank

  1. Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. Not true, name calling is bulling and it hurts. Take comfort in knowing that you are a better person and she’s an idiot. Hang in there Shaunda

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    1. Thank you so much! I try to hide because I hate drama. I should and will eventually find the strength to tell Mike before he leaves again.

      I know they’re just sticks n stones. I’m really trying to remain not the not bigger stone thrower.


  2. That’s a great story, and I’m sorry you suffered such verbal abuse. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. People’s insults won’t affect us as long as we can recognize that they are in error. Stupid people say stupid things.

    I wrote a short post (550 words) called “Calling a Woman a Skank.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any feedback:

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