Heather’s Feathers

Heather’s feathers are angel wings.

When I first moved into the park I heard things about Heather. She got a bad rap in some ways. For example? A few too many energy drinks might affect her mood.

I was talking with another park tenant recently who referred to her as crazy.

So I stopped him short.

I reminded him that at any time of the month that he needs smokes or doesn’t have money to buy his own beer? He wanders up to Heather’s. And she either lends him a pack of smokes or offers him work in her yard to earn some beer or cash.

And? She does that for EVERYONE!

Heather isn’t rich. She’s on a similar income to the rest of the people around here and yet she manages to find ways to help every person around her every day. She has often helped me. I see a lot of people come and go through her yard who are working for a way to get through to their next pay. And she is ALWAYS willing to help in any way she can.

She is deeply passionate about people. She’ll tell you about your numbers or read your cards. She finds ways to connect you to other memories in her life. It could be you share a birthday with a relative of hers or you remind her of someone in her past… she makes connections.

Heather was there for me when I found out my dad died. I went to her door, saw she had company and left but she saw I was upset. Later that night she came over to find out what was wrong and was a source of comfort for me.

As all friends do? Her and I have had our tiffs. But Heather let’s things roll off her back. When you go and talk to her about anything that’s been a problem? It’s all open and accepted. Issue resolved with no bitterness.

Heather is an angel. If angels really exist. But if I had an idea of what angels should be? Heather would have angels wings!


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