Giving Notice

I love my home. But sometimes, even  when you love something, it is time to move on.

As a list maker, I am a big fan of the ‘pro/con’ list. As a person with OCD? I’ve made one about my living situation every couple days for a few months.

My pro/con lists aren’t lists. Each pro or con gets points. And they get added up to make a decision by point score.

I have so many pros and very few cons about staying. Pros? I like where I live. It works for me economically. The owner is so kind. Other neighbours have reached out to me more recently. I love my garden. I love the proximity to both ocean and forest.  Cons? It’s difficult for me to get to my doctor without pre-arranged rides that don’t always work out.  Only one bus a week. A couple neighbours continue to be of the bullying nature.

So why am I moving?

Pros about where I am moving include: I can walk to the town where my doctor appointments are. There is a convenience store on-site in case of emergencies. There isn’t a liquor store on site (that will help me with other things I am trying to accomplish in my life). My life won’t be as under scrutiny. Cons? A bit more pricey. I won’t know anyone and I am social phobic.

The pros for staying put have been outweighing anything for me for a long time. I LOVE where I live. However, very recently the pros about the other place were adding up with the cons about this one.

My health was the deciding factor. I can walk to my doctor from my new place. I secured the place yesterday verbally, gave my notice here today and I am moving November 1st.

It’s another RV park. Not nearly as beautiful as where I live. But it’s close to the things I need right now. And still close to the ocean. The management people there seem kind enough.

I am actually very sad about it though. As I type this? There are tears streaming down my face. When I told the owner he seemed so sad. We hugged and I know it is all good but that doesn’t stop me from grieving a lot of things.

He’s going to get the transfer papers for my trailer in order for me by the time I leave. He said he was sorry to lose me. I told him I was sorry to be going but that I thought it was time.

So? I’m moving. One door closes and a new adventure begins.



3 thoughts on “Giving Notice

  1. Hmmm… I posted this a LONG time ago. Where I used to live? I drove through today and saw some vacant spots. You could go any time and inquire with the park manager.

    Where I live NOW? It’s a fully booked park/resort over the summer. You’d have better luck getting in here in the fall.

    If you want and address for either? Let me know your email address and I can send you contact information for either!.


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