Just Another Day

Life is so complicated right now.

My ex in a jail cell, still. Moving. New friendships beginning and others coming to an end. Old friendships being renewed. Dealing with my insurance paperwork and multiple doctor appointments. My one dad died and the other is sick. Just life, right?

It is all on my mind.

And I chastise myself for not doing more.  I make the right phone calls, I go to my appointments. I do what is necessary right now in my life. But not much else. I feel like I am drained completely of my energy by just trying to survive. I sleep approximately 15 hour a day and I am still exhausted.

I have so many people in my life that I owe letters to. My bathroom needs a cleaning that is practically at the level of total overhaul. I have more paperwork for my insurance that I have been procrastinating about. I need to call the shelter that spays cats for free before Sami goes into first heat. I need to mail my parents birthday cards.

Not one of those things will be dealt with today. Or tomorrow. Probably not until the last minute. I am too tired.

So here it is. Just another day where I wake up and see everything I need to do but just don’t have the strength. So I lay back on the couch and pull a blanket over me and cry myself back to dreamland.


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