Just Not Sure What To Think

I bought my ex a motorhome. He was in a tent and I had an opportunity to help him out of that at a price and arrangement I could afford.

He moved it on to reservation land. The people he was helping and who were helping him gave him permission to set up there and he did. It’s a small community they are building. There were other people there in tents or cars. All just trying to create a place people can be welcome.

When my ex went to deal with our past and landed in jail? These people took over his space. Technically, on paper, MY place. I did tell them they could use it as long as they packed and stored his things and he had a place to come home to.

But? My ex has no desire to return to that environment for many reasons. Including the fact it has take me three visits to not even retrieve all of his belongings. I still don’t have some of them.

I offered to sell the motorhome to them and they wanted it. I offered it for the ridiculous low price I paid and we made payment arrangements.

However, over the course of this? They have held back many of his belongings. I have had to go there multiple times to try and get his most valuable items. AND when I went to get the first trailer payment? They tried to hold back.

I don’t do confrontation. I had a friend with me who is a professional collections person. He got the payment. But not before being told this…

“This is reservation land. If we don’t pay you the rest? Good luck in getting the trailer off the land”.

This is a person I thought was a friend. I thought he had my ex’s back but he threatened me with his native status? He’ll steal from me and use his status as a way to get away with it?

I’m choking a bit right now. I have to go next week to get the last payment and the rest of my ex’s belongings. What do I say when he doesn’t pay me? I do have the worst expectations from this situation.

Maybe I just need to stay positive until everything actually goes down.


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