Bowser Brian

My first encounter with Brian was when I first arrived to the island. I wanted to start a garden right away and his is the closest garden store. I needed all kinds of things and the bill rang up to around $50.

He only takes cash. I didn’t know that, nor did I come prepared for that. I was only disappointed for a moment before told it was no problem. He just took out his notebook, wrote down my name and what I owed. I could come in ‘just as soon as you can’ with the cash.

What? That’s like Little House On The Prairie. Olsen General store. And it gets better.

Local people bring their farm fresh eggs to his store and he sells them at a bargain price. He always has the best starter plants for your garden at better prices than I get at Walmart and I don’t get bugs from them.

I’m in a few Facebook groups that I have seen his name come across my newsfeed. Is your pet lost? Brian re-posts that. If a community member is lost? He’s out there organizing and helping with ground search parties. Is there a family in need of finding anything? If he isn’t proving it himself he is rallying the troops! At the Community Kitchen? He provides eggs to be given out for draws to the people who attend. And I can’t count the number of times I was there and heard the words, “Oh yeah, Brian brought that for us.”

He’s a community icon. A hero to many, I’m sure.

I was at his store yesterday looking for flea treatment for Sami. I didn’t quite have enough but I still went home with what I needed with a promise to return with the extra couple dollars. Instead, the the extra dollars were pitched in. And a package of vitamins for free. Kitty health is very important 🙂 Once again, Brian helped me.

Like many people I have encountered in my new community, Brian has a genuinely kind heart. I am sure he doesn’t know me from Adam but he is still someone who has impacted me with kindness several times and I will always remember that and pay it forward in any way I can.


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