‘Lil Lady Cat


It’s official. Sami is a lady.

I could see it coming. She’s getting to the age where she is ready to try and experiment. She’s making those guttural purrs. Loves having her butt pet. Over the past two weeks? She has wanted more lovey dovey attention and started to ‘present’herself a bit. Today, for the first time, she did that guttural moan and flipped her tail up as soon as I pet her.

Aw. My ‘lil kitty is going into lady cat.

I’m not the kind of owner that will tease her by extra butt pets that make her groan. I think that would be painful. Instead, I sort of treat her like I would treat me.

She wants to come in my lap no matter what. So I scratch her head and ears to make her feel comfy so she relaxes. Oh, and what girl doesn’t need comfort food? That extra scoop on the wet food. A couple extra treats.

I think she is getting through her first ‘lil kitty lady time okay. After all, she’s right here as I type!

lap cat.JPG


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