I met a drummer recently. He uses drumming as therapy. He teaches drumming as therapy and other spiritual purposes.

I’ve always had a fascination with hand drums. They’re always fun around a bonfire with acoustic guitars. But I never thought of it as therapy. And I have never drummed. Until now.

I met him at a group thing at my friends place. He was there with his ‘other’ who lives in the park. Brian is very open about inviting people to drum with him. He has extra drums available. He used to teach drumming to children on the native land in North West Terratories. He offered me a drum.

And so my drumming began.

I felt very anxious and socially awkward trying to find my rhythm in front of other people so I only tried for a bit before Brian told me I could come up and drum with him any time.

Social phobe I am? It took two more invites and him coming to me before I actually drummed with him again. However, I now feel the need.

That second time we drummed? He took time to help me find my own comfort with it. He really encouraged me to close my eyes, find what was causing my anxiety and drum it out. We talked about things that were causing me stress and found mantras to drum to that made the stress leave.


As soon as I can afford it I will be purchasing my own drum. Until then I can drum with Brian any time. I might even ask him if I can borrow one for a new moon ceremony and drum out some things on my own.




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