Finding My Power

ocean waves.jpg

I’d made a few positive steps in my life in the past week and was feeling pretty proud when Friday hit. All kinds of crap sort of came together to make for a bad morning. I had no control over any of it and I was very frustrated.

The last straw was the power going out. I scraped my change together and trudged through the rain to the pub to have a glass of wine and wait to see if we got our power back.  After the glass was done, knowing the power was still out at my place, I decided to walk to the ocean.

Best decision ever.

I could hear the crashing of the waves long before I got to my beach spot. It was like they were inviting me. As I got closer I could feel the ocean’s energy. It had so much power. I decided to harness some of that for myself.

I walked onto the beach and slowly took deep breaths of the ocean air.  I stood with my palms open and felt the energy of the ocean coming to me. I became very bold.

There was a man standing near me taking pictures of the waves. I asked him, “Want to see something cool?” He looked puzzled.

“I need the energy of the ocean today so I’m going to call it into me. Give it about three minutes and these waves will be twice their size.” He smirked but stood there.

Then I planted my feet in the sand and opened my hands with palms face up. I started with my eyes closed and simply enjoyed the energy I was feeling. I could feel a surge of power from within. I felt the angst of my day washing away. And I raised my hands.

As I raised my hands I heard louder crashing so I opened my eyes. Sure enough, instead of just crashing at the shoreline like in the picture above? They were starting from way out and getting larger by the second.

I watched this time as I raised my hands and they got bigger again. I put palms down and they calmed, palms up and they got bigger.

After about five minutes of watching me do this, the guy nearby said I was freaking him out and left.

I laughed. And I stood there with my ocean and felt the energy and power as we played together for a while longer before I left. I took before and after videos so I can remember it.

All of the angst of the day, my anxiety and fear about things I cannot control were all washed away in that experience. I feel very strong in my energy. I felt very relieved.

That day went on to get better but that’s a whole other story 🙂


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