I’m struggling right now. By ‘right now’, I mean this very minute. I want to exact my vengeance on someone and I am having trouble holding back.

They have wronged my ex and I. They are holding our property hostage with promises to pay for the some things I am willing to sell off to them. They are failing to follow through on payment. And not relinquishing the property that is still mine.

When asked about it? They told my friend (who was trying to help me collect) that it is reservation land and I would have good luck collecting or moving my property off their land.

WOW!  I have respect for native people and was surprised by his lack of honour.

And here I sit. I have all kinds of people who would like to take revenge on my behalf. Their methods are not my own. I am hoping that by today’s end I will have the money in my hands. I don’t want to take matters to MY hands.

My first option? I’ll call a Sheriff. I have the paperwork to show the property is mine. I can bring a Sheriff. But, on rez land? A sheriff is just a threat. Honestly? I can’t actually remove my own property from their land. Even with police.  They know that. And? POLICE are not my preferred method of dealing with this.

Second option? I have people willing to make sure if I can’t get my property or the payment for it, they will make sure no one gets access to it. Those things go up like tinder. Also NOT my option.

There are people living in it. I don’t want to harm.

Third option? MY choice! If the owner of two companies decides to threaten me financially? I WILL put that, the company names and his reason (using his native status and rez land to steal from me) on social media.

I have him audio recorded saying I couldn’t take my property back because it was on rez land. That is the option I will choose at about 5pm today if I have not heard back!


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