Grace Time

5pm has come and gone.

The person I’m feeling angst toward has at least returned my possessions, even though they have not paid me the remainder of the money they owe me.

I have what was important to me. My tent. Silly? Maybe. But it is security and sentimentality combined for me. I lived in my tent for three months while we walked here. Sentimentality.  I could live in it again if I needed to. Security.

Having my tent has somehow allowed my spirit to relax a bit on the money. I need the money. My income is limited. I was counting on this payment several days ago.

However? I also have people who care about me. I won’r go without any necessity. I will be okay.

So? I’m giving some grace time before I go after the people that still owe me.



3 thoughts on “Grace Time

  1. Don’t give up or in. Don’t let him get away with using his First Nations status as a way to bullying you into giving in. There has to be a way for you to get justice. This really makes me angry that has the nerve to think he can do this to someone like you.

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    1. Thank you. And I have options to exercise if I choose the path of vengeance. I recently wrote a blog that went ‘local viral’ about someone beloved in this community. People loved it. I could just as easily write one about the owner of two local business’ who uses status to steal. It may not be liked as much but it would be read and definitely harm his ability to continue doing business in my community.

      That, however, would be a very last ditch effort. And I am sure it won’t come to that. He returned my property today. He told me he will be in contact when he has the money. I’m in the position of being broke so understand his circumstances and I am trying to be patient.

      I have food in my belly and a roof over my head. I can be patient a few more day for that cash. 🙂


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