I’m so fed up.

Bad, good or otherwise? I don’t want to be the topic of any person’s conversation. My life is no one’s business.

But here I hear again. Chatter.

Why is it who I spend my time with is anyone’s matter? I had a friend, who I spend time with, go to a public place and get harassed about it. He played me a voice mail of someone crying the blues because she got told off for being a bitch to him about me. CRAZY! Too much drama!!!

That I am moving? No one’s business but the owner and a few friends. Well, I guess, I announced that one on my blog so it’s on me… but why discuss it? I wanted to go out quietly but all of a sudden everyone knows. One person practically started a petition for me to stay  (won’t happen) by driving people to my door asking me to reconsider.  It’s sweet, but so not going to happen.

My new friend took it upon himself to talk about me in a setting that I didn’t want to be talked about. He came to me after and told me the discussion. He didn’t instigate it but did participate. I asked why he didn’t just say, “Shaunda hates being talked about. Can we stop?”

His reason was that he was defending me. Honourable, I suppose. But I don’t need to be ‘defended’. I’ve done nothing wrong. So just stop talking about me. Either shut the conversation down or walk away from it.

I’m told the conversation about me was shut down by the park owner. Well, at least the parts of the conversation that were speaking bad about me.

I will miss the owner of this park when I move. He’s been nothing but kind to me. But I can’t say I’ll miss this CHATTER!


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