Candle Magic


On the October Full Hunter Moon I chose to finally exercise my particular energy. It was a supermoon. I sent out a money spell.

There was someone withholding money from me.  I was worried they wouldn’t pay. They have.

I asked for extra to help me with things I need.  I really needed a drink and someone to share it with. My friend, Heather,  had me up to her place. She read some cards for me and then my scratch ticket won. Not much but still a thing.

I have one other thing I asked for. I have a sister I want to come visit me. I asked for money blessings for her. I have two out of three. I am still sending out all my energy for her to be able to visit!

UPDATE: Since this spell? That is when my unexpected inheritance came in. ( And, I’ve had a few other good fortunes I’ve come into. I’m hoping it holds out so my insurance review goes through. I’m pretty certain it will!




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