Box Lunch



I like to have my pussy eaten. ALMOST as much as I like to indulge in that special dessert.

Some would think it is because I started my life as a lesbian. But I actually came to have an appreciation for the art of muff diving from the man who changed my mind.

Hunter was something else. I ‘technically’ lost my virginity (to a man) by some chump who didn’t even manage to manage to break my hymen. I called Hunter crying.

“What the fuck? How could you tell me I HAVE to try it with a man before giving up girls? That was awful!”

Hunter came right over and made it right. I’d showered and he gently kissed all the terrible of that first time away. He taught me men can eat pussy just as good as any gal. Sometimes better! He broke my hymen. He became my long time lover.

He was with someone. I was occasionally with people. We got together when I was between relationships. Or unhappy in them. I ‘saw’ him through three kids being born and grown to teenage. I talked with him about his struggle between religion and his passions. I never interfered with his marriage. He loved her, even though I was there. And I had a kind of love for him. He changed my life and opened me up sexually.

Tonight? It has me wondering how we get to this sexual person we  become in life.

Hunter came to love eating pussy because? When he was 16 some distant relative (married to a great uncle) took him into her tent at a family reunion and had him go down on her for hours.

Me? My sexuality started SO young that I am not sure what inspired it. I remember being pre-school (around three years old) and when everyone else bowed there head to pray at church I quickly lifted my dress and flashed my vagina at the church. I snuck into the barn bathroom at my dad’s work to read lady porn. I slept with my favorite doll, Mary’s, face between my legs when I was in kindergarten and my sister once tattled on me for humping my Raggidy Anne doll.

Regardless of when it all started? I LOVE having my box eaten. And even though I am pretty much into men these days? I’ll still eat a pussy before munch a meatstick any day!


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