My Baby Blues


It looks like a strange blood moon but it’s really my eyeball!

When Dr. Poon left the room for a minute and this was up on his computer I snapped a picture with my phone. It looks really cool.

More importantly? I got my eyes checked yesterday. I was having ocular issues and my glasses broke so it was time. I don’t like doctors but he made everything that would normally make me nervous somehow comfortable.

I talked to him about what I want.

I wanted contact lenses. I like sunglasses and the look I have when I don’t have glasses on. He was hesitant, because of my age. But then he did my eye test.

I have “amazing pupils”! They dilate well, no special drops to force dilation for this chick. And they bounce back from things like air pressure or other light tests so wonderfully. The doctor kept complimenting my eye muscle strength. I felt like an eye super model.

I left with contact lenses and new glasses. Feels good to see again!


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