“Dear Mike”, a letter to someone I am leaving

You can’t imagine the mixed emotions I have about leaving your park this Sunday.

When I first came to this island you gave me not only a place to stay? You gave me a home. You brought me out of a tent into a trailer.

When my ex and I split up ‘super public’ in your park? You took me under your help, making sure I had a place to stay. That was secure. You GAVE me my home.

I’m sad I am leaving you. Even in leaving, you have checked with me twice to make sure I have everything I need. You have told me I am welcome here any time. TWO people have told me you said to them you will miss having me here.

After all the chaos of last spring? I’m grateful that you kept me around. You’ve told me you value me as a tenant. You’ve defended me.

Mike, I am so grateful for everything you have been to me in these moments of my life when I needed someone most. YOU are one of the most kind souls I have ever met!


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