Dita Karma LaVendetta

She has such an inspirational name to me. I’m a Scorpio, so LaVendetta? Yep. Karma? Yep.

I met Dita when I was walking home from the bar. She was sitting on the front steps of my apartment building. She’d had a ‘bad date’. It was 20+ years ago so I don’t think she had her boobs yet.

I was sad. She was sad. I’m sure she doesn’t remember talking to me that day even though I’ve reminded her since. But I was in a moment of crisis. She was, too. For such a brief moment? Two strangers comforted each other and hugged goodbye.

What she doesn’t know? I was FRESH out of Bible College. I had no friends and I was struggling with my sexuality. I couldn’t talk to anyone. But I spent 20 minutes talking to Karma and I made a choice to be true to myself. Her personal courage with what she was going through that moment? Inspired me to find my truth.

We never talked again.

She is out and loud and proud in the LGBTQ community. I found out after she is my best friends cousin. She knows so many of my friends. So many weird connections.

Still? I will never forget meeting Dita. She, unknowingly, shaped the course of my life ❤



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