I met two women recently.

One I met as the mother of my friend. The other I met because my friend was driving out to pick her up and wanted company for the ride.


‘The Painter’ is almost 87. She is the friend we picked up. ‘The Chocolatier’ is my friends mother and she is almost 82. We drove the distance to get/bring friend AND painting to mom.

When we walked through the door? Mom’s eyes lit up with some kind of light I have never seen before. “Oh, ….”, she was so delighted to see her sister friend. And after spending an hour or more listening to Painter chat with my friend, reminiscing about the past as we traveled? I can understand why.

These women have sisterhood. Their husbands worked together in the days of the 50’s/60’s where you developed friendships from co-working situations. They became friends, raised children side-by-side. Even through changes in life they remained friends, writing letters and having visits when they could.

Now they are in their elder years. Both their husbands have passed but they have each other.

It was such a beautiful experience to sit in the back seat of the car as my friend drove his mom’s friend to visit her. Hearing stories and memories. Understanding the closeness of the families. And then seeing his mom’s face light up as her friend arrived.

They are both thriving older women!! They are very much enjoying their visit, with shenanigans all their own. They are ‘sisters’ like I hope to have when I am almost 90.

It was very inspiring to me to meet two such wonderful women this weekend. I laughed with them, joked with them, learned some really cool history and felt love from their hugs.


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