Backward Man

A man by the first name Alton called me yesterday.

“Is there a good man named Paul there?”, he asked. I told him Paul (my ex)  is still in jail, waiting. I told him if he wanted to speak to Paul he should try calling a few days after the 28th.

He asked me to pass this message:

“Paul helped me. He gave me spiritual guidance and advice. I came back to my elders and I made apologies for my transgressions. I have help to move forward because my elders see my heart has changed. I want to learn the ways of my people. I want to teach better ways.

Paul taught me how important that was and how to be a man. I am sober, still, and I want to help you in any way I can. Can you let him know I called? In jail I was known as ‘Backward Man’. He’ll know that.”

Wow! He’s been out for several weeks and he is still sober. He remembered Paul’s court date and gave about three days for release/travel before trying to contact. That alone? Says to me he IS cognisant and making efforts. He’s making restitution in his community. He’s promised to stay in touch and let Paul and I know what is happening for him as he grows to be an elder. It’s what he wants and Paul gave him the strength.

What a beautiful thing! Something good is coming from Paul spending his time.


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