I Have A Boyfriend

Paul referred to himself as my boyfriend when we were talking the other night. It caught me off-guard. Of all the things he’s ever been to me? Boyfriend had never been one.

He was my facebook friend, first. Then? He was my co-collaborator in trying to create an event to show truth. He was a customer (way back in the day I sold the green). He was a confidante when I had problems in my past relationships. He became my camp leader in the forest when we fought for water and forests. He has been my teacher – and I don’t mean political – he taught me patience and honesty. He became my husband in an unconventional way (https://allhoursblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/13/my-marriage/).

But in all that we skipped ‘boyfriend’.

Boyfriend is an important step. When you jump from friend to cohort to husband you skip out on some important factors.

We’ve decided we want dating. Yes, he will be living with me, but we want boyfriend/girlfriend time. We wants dates and romance. And only when we are ready will he propose to me. ASK me to be his wife instead of coming from necessity.

For now, though? I have a boyfriend. He’s in jail and things about our relationship are complicated by those kind of issues. But I love him. I am proud to call him my boyfriend.


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