Quite The Conversation

I have a friend who use to study Wicca and is now Christian. I was raised Christian but I am now practicing pagan traditions.

We worked together at my last job, before I became sick and went on disability. I helped her, she helped me. She was a real life friend for the time we were in the same place.

Since then? Well, I got sick and left my job. She fell in love and got married to someone in another country. We lost touch for a lot of time.

But we both lost our dads recently. It was kind of a draw to re-connect in ways I wasn’t expecting. And in the reconnection? I had the most beautiful conversation that I think a Christian and Pagan can have.

Posted with permission:

Her: As far as the different faiths go…while I identify as a Christian, there are many things from my studies in Wicca that I can’t just “let go of” so you’d be surprised how open to some things I am. Your candle work intrigues me, as do your cleansing ceremonies by the beach…some would say it goes against what I claim as my faith, but to me it is all about intent. So…there’s that ๐Ÿ™‚
Shaunda Lee
Wow! Thank you for sharing that. All of my pagan goes against the Christian faith I was raised in. I was taught I was evil. Now I know I am magic ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate your open attitude. And I also respect you very much for living your faith
PS. Can I share this convo.. names left out?
Her: You can if you like… ๐Ÿ™‚ and I am thankful that my openness brings respect from those I care about!
Shaunda Lee: You are unique, (name left out). A very special human, someone I am so blessed to have as a friend.
Her: I also think you would be surprised at the path I walked after we lost touch…you’d wonder how I ended up back in church and there is an excellent answer to that too!

I don’t see me as unique, because I am kind of like a sponge with a mirror behind it. I soak up pieces of everyone I love – and I reflect the atmosphere around me. You, you are far more unique – you march to your own drummer and that would be an adventurous way to live!

Shaunda Lee

Thank you. Not sure what else to say to that. But any time you care to share your path you walked? I want to hear it.

ย Ah! Friendship. Sisterhood.ย A genuine understanding of each’s beliefs and respect for our own values. So much love.

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