Being Transitioned

I’ve changed myself.

Physically, I was 400 lbs and went for surgery to change it. Emotionally, I go through so much change all the time. Spiritually, I walked away from the religion of my youth to pursue what I know was born in me.

Being a part of the LGBTQ community? I’ve met people who struggled with their gender issues and fought within themselves for years.

I had a male partner who came out to me as transgendered. It’s NOT the reason we broke up.  But he felt, with my own sexuality being what it was, I could accept him as either. And I could have, if we didn’t have other issues.

I had a roommate who was my roomie through her transition. We talked about it. I was living with her through her recovery. I was so proud of her for taking that step at that time in life. She is older than me. She lost her job over it. And her marriage, even though her spouse had previously been approving.

Tonight I met a great guy and his lovely wife. Not married, but they live together, so I say wife. He was born in a female body. I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to him about that. Not appropriate for the circumstances we met under.

He is so smart, polite and mature for his age. His ‘wife’ is so amazing.  She asked if she could add me on Facebook so she could read my blog (how could I not like her LOL). She wants to know more about my candle magic.

Additionally? His mom, like me, had her own kind of transition.  She lost a lot of weight at one point.

So where is this all going?

I might come off as sounding trite, but I’m wondering, when I look in the mirror and still see myself as 400 lbs the doctor calls it body dysmorphia. Is that kind of the same for someone who’s transgender?

Once I get to know him better, and his mom because this could be an excellent threeway discussion, I plan to ask him more details. I have to wait until they know me enough it isn’t construed as rude but I really look forward to learning more about both of their transitions and sharing my own.


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