Kindness Karma

Paul called this morning with rather disappointing news. He spoke with his lawyer who informed him he hasn’t spoken with the prosecutor yet to confirm his deal for release. Also, because his lawyer just got out of surgery? He may need to send someone else from his firm to Paul’s court date.

It means it may take longer. Only a couple weeks but, still. This has taken long enough for camping charges! The lawyer asked him to call back tomorrow and find out what is going to happen.

Kindness about Paul? Over a week ago, when he found out his lawyer was having surgery? He asked I send a Get Well card on his behalf. He’s thoughtful and caring. His first question to his lawyer this morning was, “How are you feeling?”

He has health thoughts on his mind lately, because of me. (Yep, I’m narcissistic enough to say that)

Paul gets two free phone calls a day. Even though today is a day he could use the second phone call to me because he is feeling anxious? He told me he will be giving it to a guy who just got in and doesn’t have a way to make calls yet. The guy reminds him of his own situation and he is paying forward the kindness he received.

Since Paul has been in there? I have had 2 people take his phone, while I was talking, to tell me how much he has helped them. I had another call me after getting out to say how he has changed because of Paul (

Paul has made so many changes and extended so many kindnesses. So I’m calling out for some kindness karma. He is charged for camping and is being held longer than criminals with weapons/assault charges because of politics. He deserves to come home.

So today I am working some energy. Perhaps, tonight, some candle magic if I can find the right candle. But I want things to go well for him on the 28th. I want him home by Solstice at the latest.





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