Just Google Me Already

I’m kind of getting tired of the BS surrounding my life.

Petrova fined for violating Public Lands Act

My legal name is Shaunda Lee Petrova.

I have been accused of being many things. Bitch, addict, whore, skank, ha ha (https://allhoursblog.wordpress.com/2016/09/20/skank/)  And this remarkable media display is the only one I don’t cop to.

I went and lived on land that we believed was purchased from the rightful native owners. They sold it, with paperwork and signatures that included thumb prints, and land survey documents. Sold to someone (my BF who is jail over it) who would promise they would not let the Keystone Pipeline through it. No commercial activity for 10 years. A contract.

So, the government and media would like to say we didn’t have the right to purchase the land of the First Nations community who decided to sell right about the time Harper said they no longer have treaties? Seems a little well timed. On both sides.

I don’t know. I just know I moved on to First Nations land to try and protect the forest because I had paperwork that said I could.

In court? The judge called me naïve. Maybe I was. And this stuff is KINDA behind me. Because I went to court. I faced this and in court (despite what this article says) I felt like I won.

Go ahead, Google me. The other articles, various chatrooms, forums. Because today I had another person, who I consider a friend, Google me.

Yep, domestic terrorist. I take trapper’s hostage at gunpoint and get off with a $1000 fines. It’s ridiculous.

But my ex is in jail facing his side of this (which is the same charges as I have, even though Google will tell you different). I feel very sorry they are taking this out on him when I got a fine.

But that is us. So just google me. If you have any questions? Ask!



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