Jail is hard. It’s hard for the person in there and it’s hard for the person waiting.

It’s a different kind of difficult for each of them though.

Paul has been waiting for months. It took almost 3 months for the courts to provide him a defender. It’s taken further ‘nagging’ from his lawyer to the courts to get the disclosure. And now the Crown isn’t responding to his lawyer about his plea? So Paul may have to sit there for even more weeks.

He has been in there for months over charges I received a $1000 fine over.

Paul is a strong man. But there comes a time when even the strongest of men have a breaking point. When you are sitting for so long being denied counsel? Having your case held over again and again because the prosecution has a vendetta against people he perceives are the same political beliefs as you?

I went through that process. The prosecutor who went up against me? He lost. I got a $1000 fine when he was asking for either jail time or fines in the six figures. The judge chastised him in the court. As I left the courtroom? He told me he was out to get Paul.

Mr. Andrews is no longer a prosecutor. Hmmmm.

But he is now a partner in the criminal defense law firm that held up Paul getting a lawyer. All the ‘duty counsel’ that refused him were from that firm. Those lawyers made statements in the court that made it more difficult for Paul to get counsel. I had to look around and help him find a lawyer from outside the jurisdiction. Which means it will cost him that lawyers travel costs.

And while all of this is going on? He is in a place where they treat people like animals.

The majority of people he is with, while they may be guilty, have not been convicted. They are waiting. Some of them are not guilty. Some of them are guilty of very minor offenses. And, regardless, no one deserves to be treated like what I am being told.

Despite that fact he is in ‘Fort Resort’, the best possible place he could be for how long they have held him, there are still a lot of things that make me cringe when he tells me them.

You don’t have a toilet in your cell. At night or in lockdowns you have to buzz to go take a pee or whatever. Guards will often ignore the inmates for hours. They’re too busy on their cell phones and YouTube. The inmates can see what the guards are doing, ignoring them, making them piss in left over pop bottles, if they are lucky enough to have them. But then you’re forced to buy a new pop if you want a container for water the next day. At an ungodly cost that eats up your commissary money.

Have a headache? You can’t just get a Tylenol. You have to visit a doctor and get a prescription for it. Seeing a doctor? Well, that will take a week. Then you get your Tylenol when you ask for it but if you have a migraine the day after the prescription runs out? It could take more than a week to get those pills again.

Any time I feel sorry for myself that I am missing him? I reflect on that fact someone I love with my whole heart is sitting in those conditions. He’s there because he was trying to protect forests and water and had some questionable political beliefs. And he hasn’t been convicted, only accused. How can we treat people that poorly just because of accusations? Or for any reason?


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