Longest Month Ever

I’ve more busy this month than I think I have been in the last six months combined.

I moved at the end of October. My friend, who helped me with all my moving, decided to immediately move as well. And I feel obligated to help.

So we’ve been back n forth from my place to his place a million times (or so it feels) trying to finish up the set-up at my place and the clean-up at his. Not to mention he is moving into ‘camping’ so he needed to pack a bunch of stuff for storage and sort it all beforehand. I committed to help with it and he helps me a lot so…  do what you gotta do, right?

On top of that? Doctors appointments, waiting on information from Paul/court and it seems most my friends are Scorpio’s like me so an incredible amount of birthday things. Oh, and sick five to seven days a weeks for at least two or three hours with mystery wretching. And waiting to hear from my insurance people if I have an income in January.

I am so tired. So completely exhausted. Maybe it is stress that has had my stomach in so many knots. I just can’t wait for this month to be over. My friend will be moved, my place will be finished up and hopefully Paul will be home.




2 thoughts on “Longest Month Ever

    1. Thank you for the concern.

      Not so much drama? As busy. Lots of STUF going on. And my anxiety about it all gets the best of me.

      But overall? Even though this month has had it’s stress? I feel like I am getting through it okay.


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