Expanding My Energy


I’ve been told by a lot of people that I am intuitive.  I’ve had various experiences in my life that lead me to believe that I have some kind of power. Even though I used to believe that was answers to prayer (https://allhoursblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/08/the-christian-prayer/)? I now genuinely believe it’s in me!

I’ve been doing healing rituals for myself and for situations in my life. They have been working. I moved on to candle magic. Yep, that worked, too! When I go to the ocean? I make the waves do amazing things. I had a friend come with me the other day just so I could have someone to tell people I’m not crazy when I say that.

I’ve wanted to work with cards for a long time. I had tarot cards a long time ago and used to read for my friends. I always had to use the book for interpreting because I was new at it. However, my friends thought I was very good with my own version of the interpretation after reading the book version. I never really got into tarot though. I gave it up when I was thinking about Christianity again.

Yesterday? I bought my first energy cards. Or Oracle cards. Whatever you want to call them. For me, it’s not so much about the type of card. It’s about the energy. From me. From the person who wants the card. From the universe.

It’s new. So I AM working off the book, but when my drumming friends came over tonight to help me work off some negative energy I asked if I could work on my card reading with them.

You can do layouts and try to make predictions or whatever but I am new to this. And I’m not looking to answer anyone’s life questions. So I’ve made my own learning approach.

One card draw. I sit with you and ask you to focus on what it is you need. DON’T tell me. Then I ask you to keep focusing as you shuffle the cards. After you feel like they are shuffled I take them back and hold them to put my own energy in them. And what I’ve done that I’ve never heard of before? I take the person’s hand as I am holding the cards. I put our combined energy into it. Then I ask them, when it feels right, to cut the cards. The top of the cut pile is their card.

And then I refer to the book. But I don’t just read it out loud. I read the explanation of the card and the books interpretation to myself and I open my palms and tell them my own thoughts. My thoughts are based on what I read AND the energy I felt.

Today? One friend asked, after I read for her, if I would read what the book said vs, what I told her. I did. She told me if I read what the book said? That card would not have made sense, but my interpretation of it? Made perfect sense. And it was nothing specific, just my version of it. I never asked her what her thought or question was. I only told her my thoughts about the card she drew, after taking in her energy. Whatever was on her mind? What I told her made sense and seemed to give her comfort.

It spoke to her. The other person that I did the same for? Told me I was just as bang on. He also never revealed to me what he had in his mind. Just that, the card he drew and my words spoken about them? Spoke about what was on his mind.

I am going to continue practicing and learning about ‘reading’ people’s energy and speaking words to them that may help. I want to continue my card study , one card at a time!  It’s a good way for me to interact with people, have short interactions that are energetically meaningful.


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