I’m 42 yrs old and have not yet got the concept of ‘adulting’. That’s apparently some kind of new kind of idiocracy verb. Usually prefaced/followed by Facebook posts of things adults do that make them feel/look immature.

I just don’t think the things they post about are NOT adulting. Maybe some poor choices, etc. Day drinking? That’s called not adulting but really? Who can afford to day drink BUT an adult? Poor choice, but adult.

So what is ‘adulting’?

Well, I pay my bills on time. My rent is paid and my groceries are bought long before any wine is. I’m nice enough to people around me but comfortable enough, finally, to speak my mind in the appropriate situation. Wise enough to hold my tongue in others. I do my best to be kind and help others.

I also? Dance wildly in my underwear with my curtains open and sometimes have wine for breakfast!

When it comes down to it though? I’m taking care of myself. Others help me but I pay it back or forward. I may not have ALL my shit together? But maybe I’m ‘adulting’ better than I give myself credit for!



4 thoughts on “Adulting?

  1. Ya, you’re adulting just fine! LOl, when I first saw your subject title “Adulting”, I thought it said adultry and thought “Oh boy, this is going to be a hot one”. That thought is dashed on a few of your other posts in the past. Now they were HOT!

    You feeling a bit better this week? I hope so.
    Take care

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