The One’s I Used To Know

I have a lot of lost people in my life. Hell, I’m lost myself. And I realize this song is more about a love lost than general relationship. But it has me thinking.

I’m sure I am someone that someone ‘used to know’.

But if they are still there in your mind and soul? Did you ‘used to’ know them?  If they come to your mind regularly. If they are a part of what shaped you as a human being. Why do people have to be someone you ‘used to know’?

I have so many people in my past that I regret not knowing better, I regret losing contact with and regret causing pain to. I want to make amends.

I don’t want to be someone they ‘used to know’.


4 thoughts on “The One’s I Used To Know

  1. Now ya got me thinking. That’s a sad thought be someone that someone used to know. I’ve got a lot of them. Maybe time to reconnect ith some of them. That will be my New Years resolution. Thanks for the thought.

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