Not Good News

Wow!  With years of law school? Paul’s lawyer couldn’t even do as much for him as I did for myself? They are asking for six more months served. He may not be home until next May. It was put over until January 3rd for another look at it.

I faced the same charges. With no lawyer! All I had in my favour was blonde hair, ovaries, tears and my version of the truth. I got a $1000 fine. WHY is he being held in jail for a year and a half?

Paul has been my primary caregiver for several years. Even in our differences? He still came to care for me. ALWAYS. I have never doubted his commitment to caring for me even in the worst of our differences.

I’m really sick right now. I need my caregiver.

I feel so selfish making my thoughts about the situation about me when he is the one potentially facing another 6 months in jail.

So. tonight? I am sad because it will be a LONG time before my love is back to me. I get Solstice, New Year’s, Valentines, Spring Equinox all to myself but I wanted it for us. WE wanted these special times as healing days.

I won’t lie. This is kind of fucking with my head tonight. A lot.

How can they hold him for over a year on the same charges I only got a fine for? Why is he held to some different standard? Why is every lawyer that is supposed to defend him? Throwing him under the bus!

I really just want this all done with!



2 thoughts on “Not Good News

    1. That is how I feel. I know armed robbers who got less time.

      We camped. Longer than 14 days without a permit. I got $1000 fine for it. He’s in jail.

      And will be for a total of 14 months? With 2/3’s of that being at time and a half? But killers and thieves get out within a couple months?

      We were trying to peacefully stop a pipeline. We believed we had a lawful right to the land.

      Apparently THAT is far worse than armed robbery~


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