Yes, it happened! In the forest. In the dark. The dirtiest love experience of my life.

I don’t mean dirty like ‘hot n sexy’. I mean? I lived in a tent, with no shower and only a wash basin I gathered water from a spring from.

So… ‘dirty’. I wash basin bathed every day so I was relatively clean. It was dirty in another way.

Paul and I were just getting into each other. We’re both pretty tame (yes, tame) but we decided to make it hot!. He got behind me and did it super hard. Hard as he could give and I could take!  He was telling me how wet I was and we both were getting off on it. Hardcore.

He decided to be a ‘dirty guy’ for the first time. Normally so ‘soft core’? He decided this was the night to pull out and squirt all over my back. SO HOT! I like the slut treatment in the bed. It was one of the hottest things ever. In the dark of the tent.

Next morning? We discovered I had started bleeding. When he pulled out, squirted and spread it on me? It created some kind of bloody massacre situation that looked like a crime scene!

Is that gross? Obviously. But it’s also funny as fuck. To be truthful? It’s our second best ever sex! The only thing that topped it is our first time. (

Yes, we have some interesting, somewhat gross, sex stories! But even in our forties? We’re fucking dirty hot and I can’t wait for him to get home!



3 thoughts on “Bloodbath!

  1. Holy smokes! I still say you should write a book. It’s 5:30 in the morning and I’m already horny as hell! After reading you posts. Nobody next to me to fuck damn it. The old standby I guess with my girlfriend handgila. Lol

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