Waiting For Phone Calls

He gets two phone calls a day until he is sentenced on January 3rd. He usually calls in the morning around breakfast. We decide, depending on my day, what is the best time for him to call back. It’s usually around supper because in the evening? The ‘Moccasin Mafia’ give him the stare down if he takes the full twenty minutes.

When he misses a call or calls late? I worry. When my stupid phone app that he can call me on an AB number malfunctions? I worry. I hate missed calls.

We BOTH need our calls.

Often when he calls in the morning I am still in my vomiting phase of the day. He is patient while I barf my way through it all. During those calls? It’s like he is virtually holding my hair as he calmly talks to me and helps me get through it.

The evening calls? They are more pleasant. I usually feel better, have had rest. We talk about things like the food he misses and what we want to do when he is out. He tells me about the people inside and sometimes they even grab the phone from him to talk to me. That’s strange. But it’s nice to know people in there respect him.

We need our calls.

This morning he called.

Baby, I just got told I am being transferred and they won’t tell me where! So this call will be short and I don’t know when I can call again.

The call got cut off seconds later. I’ve been waiting all day to hear again and find out where he is. His commissary money and ordered things were sent to Fort Resort. That gets sent over to him, eventually. It can take up to a week.

His phone money was sent to the other place. It’s the day before Christmas Eve. We had put money on the phone so he could call me all day on the 25th. It won’t be transferred in time for that. How is that right?

I feel l spend my time around my phone. Making sure I am in WiFi connection to get his calls. Do I find this challenging? Meh, not particularly. I don’t exactly have much of a life. I tell him what I am going to be out n about doing and he tries to call around it.

Right now? Waiting! To hear where he went. It’s getting late in his time zone so I may not hear today.

Patience has never been a virtue of mine and this waiting on phone calls can kill sometimes!


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