Rings N Things

When Paul called today he told me he is thinking about what kind of engagement ring to get me when we are ready for that. That’s super sweet and kind of exciting that he has that on his mind. We also talked about wedding bands.

When we decided we were ‘married’ the first time it was without any kind of ceremony. He never proposed. It was a common law marriage we both felt a little pushed into by circumstance. But we still had rings!


During our separation and the events leading up to it? Our rings came off often. We both end up casting them into the ocean for our own reasons. He did that first out of anger and pain. After I found out? I threw mine in the ocean in a cleansing ceremony because I needed THAT marriage over.

This time around? There will be an engagement ring. Diamond. Small and maybe even second hand because we are not rich and I don’t expect (or want) anything ostentatious.

I need a ring to symbolize this time around my hand will be asked for, not offered and taken out of need. He wants that. He’s told me he wants to ask me when the time is right. We need more time to heal together after he is home.

He initiated ring talk today. I didn’t mention any of these thoughts to him (even though they have been on my mind) and yet, today, he told me he is already thinking about the ring he wants to get me when he asks me to be his wife.



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