My Leaky Roof

I live in an RV. It’s a 1974 Wilderness. About 20′ or a little longer. The inside was gutted and renovated long before I moved in so it is very open concept and more like a bachelor suite than an RV.

I lived in it for almost a year without any issues. When I felt like I needed security of housing? The owner of the park I lived in (who also owned the RV) pretty much gave it to me.

So a leak in my roof? Doesn’t feel like something I should complain about. But I’m going to.

It only started after I moved. So it could be from shifting. Or it could be the tarp was on it was shredded a bit. Or whatever. I have a leak.

It’s in the living room part of my trailer. There are two vents (A/C and a crank open window vent) and then a light. That is also a place where the structure of the trailer slopes. On the outside? That means the ‘natural’ slope should allow for the run off. Right?

Meh. Everyone kept telling me that and at first I was listening but I had other ideas.

There IS a hole in my roof, loosely covered in a piece of plywood. The hole is right where the ‘natural’ slope ended. And while water may not be pooling there… it was getting through the tarp, into the hole and dripping through the light.

So? Get a piece of wood that goes over BOTH vents and extends to the end of the trailer but is still covered by the end of the tarp. It would improve run off and water wouldn’t collect on the hole or drip through the light.

When I made that suggestion to anyone helping me? I was told that won’t work.

I did all the things everyone else recommended. I bought a new tarp (heavy duty, non-weave) that covers my place end to end. I had help securing it end to end. We checked to make sure of no pooling.

Yet today? The water poured through. Not just a tiny leak, it poured. Why? Because even the best tarp lets water through in the wrong places when pulled too tightly or laying flat. Mine was pulled tight and laying flat right over the hole in my roof!

So I finally insisted on doing things MY way.

My friend actually fought me on it. He insisted it was futile. That it would not work.

I told him it was MY place, MY money and MY idea. If he didn’t want to help with the work he didn’t have to (even though he previously said he would and has been helping me in HIS ways). He did drive me to get the ten foot 2×4. And he very angrily set up the ladder. But after that I was on my own to get under the tarp and try to position the wood.

It was really hard for me to get that 2×4 up under the tarp on my own. But I got it up there and positioned. I tied the tarp back down nice and tight. Also on my own.

I am exhausted. I’m not really capable of that kind of effort in my health situation. But it needed to be done and he refused to help because he thought I was being futile.

Just a couple hours later? I can see the rain running off the sides of the tarp now when I look out the window. That pouring leak inside? Barely a drip and that is probably just some residual from in the roof. I’ve gone from two buckets to a towel.

What I learned?

I need to trust my own instincts. I need to stand up for my own ideas even though it means people relinquish their help. Their help means nothing if I can’t express how I want things in my own space without fear of emotional retribution.

Tonight? I am so tired. After climbing a ladder, lifting a ten foot 2×4, re-tying my tarp, cleaning my RV, doing laundry and making dinner?  I might need to sleep a week.

I don’t have a ‘leaky’ roof tonight though. And I’m pretty proud of that!





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