Where You Lead? I Will Follow

It’s from the Gilmore Girls theme song. My favourite TV show of all time. I have learned most of my social and pop culture references from them. Lorelei and Rory introduced me to new music, better vocabulary and ways to express myself I never would have thought of (ie. I now have a sparkly hammer)

But it’s the theme song. I never skip it. As long as I am alone? I sing it so loud.

Today I am thinking about those words. Where you lead I will follow. It’s almost biblical. Ruth said the same thing to her mother in law. Your family is my family, your home is my home and where you go I go.

But today I am thinking how my Paul did this for me.

When I was finished with MY part of our court situation, even though I knew he was not done, I asked him to leave Alberta with me. He knew I needed medical care that was being denied there. He knew we could not afford to live there. He knew I didn’t have a choice but to leave and he chose to follow.

Where you lead, I will follow

Anywhere that you tell me to

If you need, you need me to be with you?

I will follow. Where you need!

It’s because he followed me here that he is sitting in a jail cell for the past six months. But he followed because he loves me.

If you’re out on the road

Feeling lonely and so cold

All you have to do is call my name

And I’ll be there, on the next train!

That’s how I feel about things right now.Just trying to be there when he is feeling lonely and cold.

We have our calls every day. We make plans for our future. It’s the most I am able to be there for him right now. Preparing for him to come home and being available to listen and talk him through things every day.

He helps me, too! When I am crying about one thing or another? He talks me through it. He spent canteen money making extra phone calls so he could help me with my computer set up when I had technical difficulties. When he calls and I am puking my guts out? He just talks to me soothingly, reminding me he’ll be home as soon as he can to rub my back, hold my hair, get me water and help me through my health stuff.

He followed me. He’s anxiously awaiting to come back to me. And he’s committed to keep following me. And I love it!

Ah, time to work on that draft I have about narcissism.


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