Dealing With Skinner’s

For anyone not up on their jailhouse lingo a skinner is a rapist. In jail they are dealt with harshly. They get beat up and shanked and moved from range to range trying not to get killed.

As soon as someone is known for rape? It’s dealt with.

As someone who has been raped? ( I’m not entirely opposed to letting other criminals deal with rapists. What I hear tells me they deal with it more like I wish I could!

Paul has seen some skinners come and go from the various ranges or jails he has been transferred to over these past months through this process. So far he has not had to personally engage himself in the conflict. He’s very peaceful and keeps himself out of trouble inside, biding his time until he can get sentenced and get home. But he got a new cell mate yesterday.

This morning in the breakfast line Paul was approached by another inmate saying, “Your cell mate is a skinner.” After breakfast, his cell mate came up to him and told him, without provocation, “They can come at me, tell them to bring it.”

After his morning lock-up he was talking to me about it on the phone. His concern? Several people made it known to him he has a skinner in his cell and that it needs to be dealt with. He told me he knows it HAS to be dealt with but he is unfamiliar with jail protocol. He felt like it was being implied HE was the one who had to throw the kicks to the guy. He doesn’t want to create trouble because he just wants to get home to me. And he’s also not a fighter. His last fight was when he was 10yrs old. He wasn’t sure what to do.

Another option to kicking a guy’s ass is to ‘check him out’. That means you threaten him that if he doesn’t go to the guards and get off the range for ‘fear of his life’ you’ll give him a reason to fear for it.

Either way, if someone gets their ass kicked or checked out? The person who kicked the ass or made the threat gets solitary confinement for a week and the whole range is on lock down for around 24 hours.

As we were discussing it, a guy came and took his attention from our call. I could hear every word. Paul told him he knew the situation but told the guy he was a political prisoner and not a fighter. The guy said that wasn’t the issue. It was his cell mate and if Paul didn’t do something he would be assumed as being the same kinda guy and dealt with the same.

By the time Paul got away from that conversation and back to our call I was in tears. Paul already told me the ‘skinner’ involved is a big, brutish guy with tattoos who looks like he is gang affiliated. How is my Paul supposed to be the one to ‘deal with it’? If he does, what does that mean about him getting out any time soon? How that fuck does this crap happen to a peaceful person in a remand centre? Why should he have to choose between coming home to me or getting beaten up for ‘protecting’ a rapist?

Our call ended shortly after and he assured me he would figure it out. I told him I would send him more commissary money if he needed to ‘buy’ his way out of this with canteen and phone calls. How mafioso of me, eh?

When he called me back? He told me he went and talked to some other guys who have been friendly with him. He told them he knows it needs to be dealt with but that he was political, peaceful and not capable of it. Also that he needs to get home to his disabled partner to care for her and couldn’t risk more charges.

There are some criminals who understand not everyone is their element. Paul has respect from some people because he keeps to himself and doesn’t get involved. Guys have asked him for advice, he has shared what he has freely with others and he often provides favours like phone calls to others who don’t have them.

When he went to those guys today and explained, even though he was that guys cell mate, he was not capable of dealing with it? They told him no problem. All that was required? When it was dealt with Paul assured them he knows nothing and, yes, he would make sure the cell got opened.

He called back to tell me he had spoken to some guys who would take care of it. They assured him he’ll have a cell to himself again by tonight.

Tonight the D-Range at EDM RC will be skinner free and Paul ‘dealt with it’ in a way that keeps him safe and retribution free.

I am so proud of him for keeping to his non-violent solutions when faced with the possibility of having violence brought on him.

AND – excuse me for being slightly delighted that a skinner will get his today!


2 thoughts on “Dealing With Skinner’s

  1. What a horrible situation to be in. No where to hide or cacoon yourself in there. He handled it well. Sure is a whole different world in there ay.

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