Sami – XL


WOW!! Can you believe she was ever this little? Smaller than my wallet? My sweet Bellisima. My Sami!

Not even a year old and here she is beside the bag she slept in on my shoulder. 🙂


My sweet Sami has been such a treasure since the day she arrived. Every day we have wrestles and play time. Every day we have lap time. At night? She is on me in some form or fashion be it behind my legs or on my chest.

She is getting gigantic (awesome)! She plays hard but doesn’t use her claws. You can get slashed, because she plays hard and I am neglectful about trimming, but it’s never because she is trying to hurt. She’ll mostly wrestle your hand to the ground to cover it in kisses.

I feel so blessed I was given this tiny (soon to be massive) creature to care for. She brings joy to my life every day even though she no longer fits in my purse 🙂


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