Letter To A Lawyer

I finally got a hold of Paul’s lawyer today. We argued on the phone and he yelled at me and made me cry so I told him I would have to call him back. Instead, I sent him this email.
I want to thank you for taking my call today. I know, because of my health issues, I can be aggressive and combative. I appreciate your patience with me as I try to express my concerns in ‘not the best fashion’.

Whether you believe it or not? You and I are probably on the same page about Paul.

But, neither Paul or I understand legal process. I don’t understand why this is taking SO long. When I went through this process and my lawyer quit, all I had to do was go into the court, explain my situation and ask the judge WHY it was taking so long. My case was resolved within three days, without a trial and no criminal record (a fine), because the judge made the prosecutor resolve it with me. I told the judge I felt like I was being prosecuted maliciously.

Paul wants resolution. Even if they ask for a year because they are saying he pointed a weapon at someone? (which NEVER happened, I was present at the confrontation with Mr. Wohlgumeth, the trapper was the only one with weapons)…. he’s been in jail for over six months. At 2:1 for time served hasn’t he been in there long enough? Who are they saying he pointed a gun at? I don’t even understand that charge.

And, respectfully, why doesn’t Paul know what his charges are that he is pleading guilty to? If he is being accused of pointing a gun at someone, shouldn’t he be allowed to know who is making that accusation and answer to it? Can we find a way to communicate these things more?

He’s been a model inmate. He’s never caused a problem and when enticed into criminal activity (he got told he had to smash a skinner out) he found a way around it without being involved. But he can’t handle that kind of pressure. He’s peaceful and being confronted by violence every day is killing him. It’s so wrong what happens to people inside.

Paul is legitimately remorseful. He only wanted to buy land and he felt it was real. They (the sellers) are the ones who defended him in court the first time and told him it was finished and he could leave the province. He wants NO claim to the land, he is willing to give over all the paperwork and any information about the people who sold the land titles. There are over 500 sections that were sold. Paul was just the first to move in.The courts make him out to be some kind of ringleader but he’s just the guinea pig that got sacrificed. He will never go back. His remorse is genuine.

Even with all of that? We don’t understand. WHY isn’t the prosecution getting back to you with the actual charges? Why isn’t this in sentencing? All Paul wants is resolution and a date he can come home to help me because I am sick.

We just want to know the date. When do I need to hang on until. WHY isn’t this being resolved. We just don’t get it. He is cooperating. I’ve given you all kinds of information about mitigating circumstances. You told me in November he would be home soon and it doesn’t look like he will be here any time soon.

I need him home. YOU are a defense lawyer. I’ve seen career criminals get less time for worse things. This IS ALL POLITICS. They are trying to punish him for their perceived beliefs. How is it you can’t help them see that? (I mean that very respectfully and not in an accusing tone)

I NEED him to come home. I’ve tried to find other health care but I need my partner. The one who has lived with my illness for the past years and can care for me in the middle of the night. I need him.

He is a non-violent person who is willing to comply with whatever they ask. They say he used a gun for whatever but he didn’t. When they came to arrest him he offered them coffee, not bullets. He is not the horrible monster they are making him out to be and holding him for. And I need him home to me. For my health. Please, Mr Teskey, please….  armed robbers get less time. Please get him home to me.

I fucking hate lawyers!


4 thoughts on “Letter To A Lawyer

    1. He’s not the greatest lawyer. I mean, he’s good, but he’s Alberta. AB is know for being hardcore against ‘freemen’.

      Paul is NOT a freeman, but he has been associated with them in the past. But calling him a freeman is like calling me a Hell’s Angel.

      Just because you know some people and have a friendship or whatever, doesn’t make you THEM.

      Lawyers and their ‘learned friends’ (ie. prosecutors), as they call themselves in the court room, have no notion to resolve. Resolution is apparently not a word in the law bible.


  1. Bottom feeders! Scum of the earth!!! I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with lawyers. Maybe there are some good ones out there but I’ve never met them. Fuckers!

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    1. I haven’t either. It’s an unfortunate circumstance we NEED one to get him out. He would defend himself, except he can’t maneuver AB law without help. I’m in BC, so I can’t physically help him.

      In this situation? Him getting a lawyer is better. The prosecution is calling him a freeman. While he may have questions about his gov’t? He’s not a freeman.

      Freemen don’t pay taxes, or have bank accounts, or medical cards……..

      They can call him what they want. His taxes are filled since way before we left AB. If they choose that argument? We’ll just prove them wrong.


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