Ahhh, my  BC BF (Bible College Boy Friend)!

Just, wow. I can’t believe how many people who have re-connected with me because they randomly saw my blog (not FB friends, just total random).

Long lost relatives, years ago friends, even a couple health care peeps who still wanted to know how I am. My anesthesiologist from my first surgery recognized me and connected. Bizarre.
But, the Bjorkian (he introduced me to Bjork and I am protecting his privacy so that is his nickname!). My first real BF.
I had a first kiss before him but his was the first from a ‘boyfriend’, not just a “boy or girl”. He drew happy faces on my first ever anti-depressants so I’d take them. (tiny little ‘happy’ pills) He made me laugh. He introduced me to Bjork and European fashion. He’s the first guy I spent a night in a hotel with even though we never touched. (Edmonton Mall Fantasy Suite)
Why is HE the special one? He was the first person who saw past my size. He showed genuine interest in me when I was gigantic. Other people in our college pulled him aside and told him they were impressed he would see past my size to go out with me. I was slightly devastated to learn that, after the fact, but so happy he stood up for me when they said their cruel remarks.
We broke up because we weren’t ‘right’. I know that and I have no regrets. He was the first man who saw into my soul and cared. He loved me. I know he does still. In the way it was meant to be. As heart felt friends.
He told me today he missed the years without contact. He is in a happy, loving relationship with his partner. I am so happy for him. But I am also so happy to have heard from him.
Some long lost friends? Only make life better when you’ve finally retrieved them from the awful past and brought them back to life in your life. I’m so glad to have him back in my life.

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