How To Fist




Guys always wondered how that could happen. I can fist myself and did it frequently because I like to feel FULL! It’s super close-up so a horrible angle but whatever. It’s the only pic I could find to match the subject matter.


I gave fisting lessons when I was on cam. I did it to myself and viewers asked about how they could get their girlfriends into it. So if anyone wants know how to fist a girl the right way? I’m about to roll out the details.

Step 1: Forget everything you ever thought fisting was/is. Ya don’t get to donkey punch her cunt with your arm.

Step 2: It all starts with your tongue. No pussy will accept a fist until it is deeply  wet. It needs to be saturated by your love, kisses and mostly just being wet.

Step 3: Lube!!! Dude, you’ve seen that tiny lil’ precious hole. Do you think it can take you to the elbow without lubrication? SPIT is not enough. Licking won’t get you there…. with the fist anyway. Make sure SHE is ready. Get a nice slippery lube.

Step 4: Start small. Don’t just punch her box. Kiss it. Everywhere and deep. Suck and lick and kiss. Tell her she smells good and tastes amazing. Her legs will spread open and she will invite you in for more.

Step 5: SWIRL! That’s the key. When I gave fisting lessons on cam I could not say enough…. it’s all about the swirling. One finger in and one swirling around the opening. Soon that pussy opens up to the next finger (it’s how they work), and then the next. All the while another finger is swirling around waiting.

Step 6: Give her lots of kisses while you work the forth finger in. If it is her first time being that full? She’s gonna need your attention everywhere other than her pussy. Being that full is not easy. However, it feels exceptional  when it is done right.

Step 7: By now you have kissed her lot and swirled the right ways. If you have four fingers in and she feels pained? She may not be able to take it. But if she tells you to keep going…. BE GENTLE. (fisting isn’t about punching a cunt, it’s about giving your lover her most FULL pleasure)

Step 8: This is the barrier. As you put in your four fingers, continue to use your thumb until you can get it in as well. Keep in mind you haven’t made a fist yet. It’s fingers and a thumb, slowly sliding in. She should be squirming and moaning. She may even squirt a bit if you hit that spot.

Step 9: Gently tug your hand/wrist back but not out. That tiny tug? It’s going to make her gush a bit (making things easier). Now you can get just the bit deeper.

Step 10: When you are inside? Make a fist. She WILL cum on you whether she wants to or not. At least that has been my experience. Whether done to me or by me.

Step 11: Don’t pull out with a fist. She could tear if she isn’t used the that. Flex and release inside her until she is creaming all over you and then slowly pull your hand out.

I have never pulled out with a fist made. I usually flex and relax my fist until the girl has flooded my face with everything she has to offer me.Then, I gently and slowly extract my hand while I cover the rest of her body with kisses, licks and cuddles.

And that my friends is your fisting lesson!



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