Using My Words

I’ve spent a fair bit of time writing to Paul’s lawyer. I felt he was siding with the prosecution.  HE referred to Paul as a ‘freeman’ in court (the ultimate Alberta dirty word).

Paul gave me POA to speak for him a long time ago. I tried to contact the lawyer through his assistant to get more information. It was minimal. When I finally got ahold of the lawyer?  He agued with me about my thoughts about the case. It became obvious to me, quickly, he was only reading the prosecutions side.

I have no legal background. I may have heard a lot of legal/lawful rhetoric through people I know,  but it sure doesn’t make me think I know the law or legal system.

And when I WON my own legal battle on the same issue?  I am NOT ashamed to admit I walked into that court room and played every card I could. I won on emotion. I don’t know enough about law except to ask questions. And the prosecution couldn’t answer my legitimate questions.

I directed them to the judge.

“Why is this  taking so long? I’ve wanted to resolve this since the day I turned myself in for arrest, Your Honour. It was the court that forced me to get a lawyer when all I wanted to do was resolve this from day 1. The lawyer you made me get? He let me go when my co-accused fired his.  How is that fair to me, Your Honour? I asked our charges to be separated on my first appearance. The prosecution argued against that. Because the charges weren’t separated? I am being punished for my co-accused making a decision for himself. Now I am supposed to go to a trial I never wanted and face it without an attorney.  This seems like malicious prosecution.”

My court case was dealt with two days later. The judge ordered the prosecutor to meet with me outside the court and get some kind of agreement.  So we did.

I walked away with a $1000 fine and no criminal record. The prosecutor was fired.

Ironically, he’s a defense attorney now LOL

Today? I realized my words, written to Paul’s current lawyer or spoke over the phone with him? He read/heard them! He saw Paul’s heart. He knew where to look for info. He sees Paul in a different light.

He took the spirit of my words to the prosecutor and convinced him Paul is not the political person or freeman that he is being accused of. With those accusations out of the way (coupled with evidence I provided of Paul’s not-Freeman stance) – he’s getting time served next Monday!

He’ll be home next week because of my words. No threats. No violence. Just words.

Genuine words of honest. Even if you are wrong in the eyes of others, you  can use words and passion to prove your point. Words and passion with the right heart? That has gotten me far further than anything!



4 thoughts on “Using My Words

    1. Miss them? Paul wants me to have reasons to make MORE erotics posts. I read them to him in jailhouse calls. You won’t miss my erotica. It will only become more ❤


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