Cycle Of Kindness

I’ve always been a super trusting person. I’ve been called naive, doormat and every other word you can describe someone like me. I have always tried to help in any way I can.Some people use that to their advantage.

People have told me I do that to my detriment. I disagree. Whatever I have ever given away has come back. I gave a lot in my past. It caused me pain and hurt. But I also experience a lot of personal joy out of sharing anything I have with others.

These days? It’s come back to me. Ever since I arrived in my lil’ paradise (the island)? I have encountered so much kindness. Yes, I’ve hit a few peeps along the way that have bullied or made me feel bad. I’m choosing to focus myself elsewhere.

I have a lot of good people in my life that I know I can trust. They take care of me regardless of me (anyone who knows me will know how that makes sense).

I was ‘given’ a home. I’ll never forget that kindness. The RV has it’s issues but it is still a very habitable place. Very minor leaks aside? All the electrical works. My fridge is holding up. The propane works. Plumbing good.

When I moved it to another place to stay? The ‘bumping around’ from site to  site before I moved in? Gave me the best possible site in the park. I have the most private site with no neighbours.  Parking across from me, motel/office on one side and fence on the other side! Social anxiety heaven 🙂

People here don’t come a knockin’! I am loving having my privacy. I venture out on occasion and do things in my yard. I know all the staff. The people who work here are fantastic. Very kind.

When it comes down to it? I always have believed kindness will be returned. I may have become jaded at some points in my life but I was mostly kind. It’s being returned.

I plan to make that a cycle of kindness!



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