One Sleep, Two Sleeps, Three Sleeps, More

NOTE: I started this Sunday Jan 29th. By the time it’s posted the ‘today’s and tomorrow’s’ won’t really make sense.

Paul’s lawyer finally persuaded the Crown to agree to time served. He will be in court tomorrow to have the judge give his gavel of approval mid-afternoon. Then there is the release process which  can take several hours. He will be released sometime tomorrow evening. It’s hard to believe it is really going to happen.

He has one more sleep until he is on his way home to me. Tonight was our last, “Good night. Sweet dreams. I miss you.” He will be taken for court early in the day despite his appearance not being until afternoon, so I won’t get our usual, “Good morning.”

Obviously he won’t be home tomorrow night. It will depend on how they plan to return him. The flew him there but may choose to bus him back.

Other inmates told him they’ll bus him home. When he was at Fort Saskatchewan he was told he would get sent all the way home. However, he’s back at Edmonton Remand Centre and tonight one guard told him they are only obligated to get him as far as the BC border. Paul phoned me right away to tell me.

I can’t see how that is correct. They arrested him in the summer. How can they drop him off in Banff (snow capped mountains) with no jacket and no money to get to the island?

(now it’s Monday)

I didn’t sleep well at all last night. My stomach is very upset this morning.

Paul is sitting in a concrete room waiting for court. He pretty much sits there all day waiting and then gets seen on CCTV. But today is different. When he gets back to ERC he’ll be getting processed out. That’s when we’ll know how far they are sending him.

We have a friend in Edmonton picking him up and taking him to the bus. I can send money to her for him to get the rest of the way (crossing my fingers it’s within what we have!)

So what should have been a day I am sitting here all happy and excited I am, instead, full of anxiety. And I guess we’ll see how many more sleeps until he is actually here.


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