Silent Night


I had a long standing fantasy that I think is a common one for many people.

Nameless, faceless sex.

Of course you could go on many a website and have that kind of encounter. That seems a bit dangerous to me. I couldn’t do it that way so I never thought I’d have a chance to have that fantasy acted out.

However, when Paul and I separated and I had a need for sex? I wasn’t sure what to do. We were arguing in text and email. I needed him but didn’t want to talk. He wasn’t allowed in the park I lived in. What to do?

I decided to ask him to act out my long time fantasy. He would come over and do whatever he wanted while I had my eyes closed. The only condition was that neither of us speak. It was my ‘stranger’ experience.

I had a bottle of wine I drank while dancing and getting ready for him to come over. After making sure I was clean and soft and ready for whatever? I went to bed.

I WAS asleep when he snuck in after dark. Groggy from sleep and still wine drunk? I struggled slightly as it took me a moment to remember what was going on. It was my fantasy coming true.

I kept my eyes closed as Paul held me down and slowly kissed me. Once I relaxed, remembering what was happening, he moved his kisses elsewhere.  He pulled off my panties and spread me open.

He is masterful with his tongue. And his fingers. Pretty much everything he does has a touch of expertise.

But that night? He went places I don’t usually allow. We both did. Our tongues went everywhere on each other.

I’ve eaten ass before. More often, I’ve licked that spot right behind the balls. When I am with someone I care about and trust? I like to make sure they have every pleasure.

Paul has never let someone go there. I’m not sure if he had gone there before either. But on that silent night when we weren’t allowed words? How could we stop each other? We gave into every carnal pleasure we decided to give each other that night.

After we had exhausted ourselves, my eyes still closed, he dressed and silently slipped out.

We’ve talked about that night since. It is one of our top sexual experiences together. We both learned some new things about the other.

I can’t wait for him to get back and explore more of that!




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