Waiting On The Call

I feel like this is the longest day of my life. I couldn’t sleep last night so I am running on adrenaline and coffee. I have my “Dancing” YouTube playlist going and I am dancing a bit. Trying to feel good energy until I get the call.

His lawyer has been fantastic to call me lately. I wrote him some emails, he changed his heart, and now he gets in touch! I am hoping he will call me right after court because it will take Paul longer to get back to a phone.

I want to tell Paul not to worry about the getting home issue. I had a friend get some money back to me today so paying for his ticket won’t be an issue either way. I’m sure he is anxious about that. I also want to tell him that there are more bus schedules available. I went over them with the friend who is picking him up. She is going to give him all the options and has a place for him to stay until his bus time.

SIDE NOTE: I have stayed at her place before. It’s like a small paradise.Her family is very welcoming. The guest rooms are amazingly comfortable. And she does energy work so I am sure it would be a valuable experience for him to spend a night there.

So I am feeling less anxious but still anxious. I’m just pretty much always anxious these days. I’m sure the anxiety will lessen after I get that call.


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