A Kind, Kind Woman

The Goddess. She orchestrates/facilitates a goddess group. She is one of the first people I opened up to about my own energy. It happened at a particularly down point in my life.

When I returned to Alberta to face my own court charges? She took me in without knowing me. I had a place to stay while I turned myself in for arrest Her family and friends were warm and welcoming. They offered me clothing (mine had been taken by fish police), a place to stay while I figured out my next moves. And comfort. Spiritual guidance (not Christian) while I was suffering.

That was then.

This is now.

For the past months and, very importantly, last night (more than three years later) she is still a woman who comes to the rescue. She has been the person who accepts my money transfers and takes her time to go and put them in the booth at the remand centre for Paul to have commissary. She has kept in touch and sent her comfort.

Last night she picked Paul up. She brought him to her home and welcomed him with open arms. I am sure the energy she emanates was something he felt. She brought him to the bus today so he can get him home to me. She made him an epic lunch for the road!

This wonderful woman came into my life in turmoil. She has been there through several times of turmoil. She is treasured.

If there is any time I can be there for her as she has for me? And Paul? I will be there absolutely!


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