Prolonged Foreplay


Paul has been home for several days. Have we fucked? Nope. Why? I started bleeding on the way to get him (because that is just my life). I am sure many are wondering – What the heck? How could you be away for so long and NOT get busy even if you’re riding the red river waves?

To them I recommend reading

I told Paul when he arrived home that I was red tide. He was told me that was fine. That we were both tired and we should just relax with each other and rest. So sweet. I WOULD have fucked him the night he got home. But it would be messy and I would be uncomfortable about mess, smell, etc. I wouldn’t have gotten off and he would have been disappointed by that.

So we decided to wait it out. Get our rest, get familiar, spend our time familiarizing again after months.

In the past few days, we’ve spent so much time kissing and just touching each others bodies. Last night he gave me a foot/leg rub that had me vibrating. Followed by a lot of kissing. Then to bed cuddling where I moved my hips to the music in the background and I could feel his hard cock pressing through my PJs. He needs me as much as I need him.

These days of foreplay have been amazing. I love kissing him. I love being in his arms, holding me so strong. I love having him curled up with his head in my lap stroking his hair.

I love feeling his hardness pressed on me wherever. I feel it on my backside while I sleep. I feel it on the backs of my knees when he gives me epic foot rubs. I feel it when he comes up behind me while I am cooking to wrap his arms around me and taste what’s going on.

I’ve been thinking about it so long. We’ve spent the past three days building toward it. My feeling of foreplay is that I am READY!

Tonight is finally the night.

A nice dinner, with a couple bevvies, and then? This fuck festivity gets further than foreplay, finally!


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