Mushroom Soup


Ah, the go to medicine when I need to relax. Good ole Psilocybin.

I’ve been able to learn very little about the history of use in the times of my ancestors but from what I can gather, in Europe, they are recovering knowledge about the entheogenic substances used in ancient times more frequently. However all traces of the popular rites in which entheogenic substances were consumed have been lost. I would imagine that was part of the church trying to rid the world of paganism through loss of traditions.

In Mediterranean Europe the traditional use of entheogenic substances has only survived in very, very marginal places where there are still some elderly people of the mountainous regions who take them in an  individual way.

I have been using magic mushrooms for a while now as a way to find healing. I think I use them like a true entheogen. An entheogen is any psychoactive substance that induces a spiritual experience and is aimed at spiritual development in contrast to recreational use of the same drug.

On Valentines Day, Paul and I did mushrooms. We both micro dose. Both for healing.

As usual? They take you down the path you need. Paul’s journey that night wasn’t as psychotropic, but it was was calming and soothing for him after the time he had spent in anxiety in jail. I’ll admit it was nice to have him more lucid and acting as my ‘baby-sitter’ because I tripped hard. 🙂

We choose to watch the movie Trolls. I remember nothing about the plot except trolls are happy. The movie is very sparkly and full of exuberant song I couldn’t stop looking around my tiny RV and remarking that it was a big sparkly mansion. It looked so gigantic to me and full of everything that would bring me joy. Everything shiny and happy in the movie came out and danced around in front of me. I laughed so much and I was so happy.

Not only did I spend my night laughing until I cried, but I gained a new appreciation for everything I have in my space. Even though it is small? I have everything I need to live. And everything that makes me happy is here. My love, the ocean, my pet and everything I need to sustain myself.

We decided to do them again a little over a week later, on the 23rd, and had a different experience. This time we put them in soup so they were easier for Paul to ingest. I apparently make terrific mushroom soup 😉

I love how you get what you need. We had the opposite experience as they took hold this time.

I had been feeling some anxiety and anger coming from an unknown source. The mushrooms quelled my anger and anxiety but weren’t anything with visual effects like the last time. I received calm and peace instead of any revelation.

Paul went much deeper into the psychoactive part of the journey. He was laughing so hard for so long. He needed the release. I laughed at him because he kept holding it in and apologizing for laughing so much but he would shake and vibrate until I told him to laugh then explode with giggles leading to gut-splitting laughter.

We spent time snuggling, being close and just enjoying the after effects (they stay in your system for a bit and you have a few days of spiritual clarity afterward).

I’m glad this is a way we have chosen to find healing in our spiritual paths both individually and together!



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